En 301 549无障碍-欧洲网页无障碍标准及其要求

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En 301 549 Accessibility

欧洲网页可访问性标准被称为EN 301 549. It allows organizations to measure websites and other digital properties’ accessibility and are applicable for all member states, 欧盟的地方和政府机构. 欧盟委员会致力于包容性, diversity, and equality; hence they have made it compulsory for each digital property (in Europe) made or bought by a public sector body to adhere with EN 301 549 accessibility.

The digital accessibility standard EN 301 549 directly refers to WCAG in order to ensure the optimum level of web accessibility. 这个法案是专门针对网站的, mobile apps, and other ICT (information and communication technology) products and services that are being used in Europe. EN 301 549 aims to make all public sector websites and apps harmonized within the European Union; thus, 它也被称为HEN(欧洲协调标准), which is a minimum specification to meet the requirements of the European Web Accessibility Directive (WAD).


记住EN 301 549的要点!

All aspects of the latest EN 301 549 v3.2.1 附件A列出了与WAD相关的标准. According to the latest version, all public sector bodies should regularly provide a clear and detailed accessibility statement on how their websites or mobile applications are complying with this directive.

  • There must be an explanation for inaccessible elements (if there are any) and information about alternative accessibility elements.
  • The statement should contain a description of how a user can report a compliance failure or request information that is excluded from the scope of this directive.
  • 应该有一个到遵从性机制的链接,用户可以在需要时使用它.

欧盟委员会提供了一个无障碍声明模型 实施决定(EU) 2018/1523.

Member States must also:

  • Facilitate accessibility requirement applications for every website and mobile application under existing national laws.
  • 促进无障碍要求的培训计划.
  • 传播无障碍意识.
  • Share the best practices that are required to make accessible websites and mobile applications.
  • 确保有有效的执法程序.

Member States should monitor digital compliance based on the methodology adopted by the Commission on 11 October 2018 that is established by 实施决定(EU) 2018/1524.

Moreover, starting from 23 December 2021, in every 3 years duration, Member States will publish and submit a report to the Commission which will present the result of monitoring and enforcing accessibility standards.

What is excluded from EN 301 549?

Please note that EN 301 549 does not apply to public service broadcasters and those non-government organizations that do not provide any kind of useful services. 该指令不适用于以下内容元素:

  • Office file formats that are published before 23 September 2018 (unless they can be needed for administrative processes by any public sector body).
  • 2020年9月23日之前发布的音频或视频内容.
  • Live audio or video.
  • 在线地图(如果重要的导航信息以可访问的方式提供).
  • 任何不受公共部门机构控制的第三方内容.
  • 在某些特定情况下复制手稿或文物.
  • Intranet or extranet content which was made for a closed group of people before 23 September 2019, 如果内容没有收到任何重大更新.
  • Content of websites and mobile applications that are not updated or edited after 23 September 2019 provided the content is not required for any administrative process.

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该指令何时适用,哪些是EN 301 549的协调版本?

Directive EN 301 549 is applicable from 22 December 2016 but became a law in the Member States by 23 September 2018. Member States had to apply the standards from 23 September 2019 for websites that were published after 22 September 2018, 所有公共部门网站2020年9月23日, 2021年6月23日为所有移动应用程序.


The first version 1.1.该标准的第2部分于2016年发布,基于WCAG 2.0. 其标准化任务是376,但没有统一.

The second version 2.1.2于2018年发布,与WCAG 2相似.1. 欧盟委员会于2018年12月对其进行了协调,并根据第554号授权进行了协调.

The next version is 3.1.于2019年11月发布,并且没有统一.

And the latest version 3.2.1 released in March 2021. 它将于2022年2月12日根据554号指令进行协调.



最初,欧盟委员会策划了WCAG 2的标准.1)然后将它们转化为统一的欧洲指令, 在欧洲法律下得到法律力量的支持. 协调标准/指令基于两个条件-

The standard should be developed by European Standards Organizations (ESOs) under a mandate from the European Commission. 这些组织是- ETSI(欧洲电信标准协会), 欧洲标准化委员会, and CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and together they are known as ESOs.

The official Journal of the EU must publish references to all the versions of the standard if they are harmonized.


How will you find out if your website or mobile application is accessible under EN 301 549?

好吧,如果你假设你的数字财产遵守WCAG 2.1,那么在欧洲网页无障碍标准下,它或多或少是可访问的. So, it is not like that; there is a catch! You must remember that:

并非EN 301 549的所有方面都基于WCAG最佳实践.

两个协调版本的EN 301 549 (v2).1.2 and 3.2.1)有一些未包含在WCAG 2中的要求.1. 例如,EN 301 549规定了生物识别数据的使用. 如果一个组织有一个使用生物识别数据的系统, 他们需要遵循一套特定的规则来遵守EN 301 549以保持合规.

EN 301 549 has some specific requirements for PDFs as well, which is missing in WCAG requirements.

Also, the latest versions of WCAG are not relevant to the WAD since they are not included in Annex A as the harmonized version of EN 301 549.

您可以在附件A中找到与WAD相关的所有最新要求. With time, EN 301 549 is evolving more without including WCAG standards; thus, 网站或应用是否符合WCAG 2的所有成功标准.我将不确保推定符合WAD. You can also check recent changes and updates in the standards to know more about EN 301 549.


Wrapping up

欧洲标准适用于欧盟境内的所有公共和私营实体. EN 301 549 v3.2.1是每个数字财产都应该遵守的标准的最新版本. 如果任何组织不遵守这些标准,后果可能是令人不快的.

Test your website, mobile apps, PDFs, and every other digital property regularly to ensure they are adhering to the latest European web standards. Remember, accessible digital assets are beneficial for your business in terms of audience and revenue growth and fewer chances of litigation.

希望本文能帮助您了解EN 301 549的基础知识. However, it is advisable to reach out to a web development company for appropriate solutions on digital accessibility demands.

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